a fresh new start







I’m not one for making resolutions on the New Year. I prefer to have goals or hopes, things I would like to happen but nothing set in stone. I know I won’t keep resolutions if I do make them, so I simply skip a step and don’t even make any.

My goals/hopes for this coming year are pretty simple.

I want to keep my craft supplies more organized.

I want to write more and finish an entire chapter story by the end of the year.

I want to get better at photography and use my camera every single day. I have a good camera, why not use it?

I want to get straight A’s again this semester.

I want to continue to be good at my job.

I want to weed out the books I own but don’t read and either donate them or sell them.

I want to work more from my stash this year, either in knitting or sewing.

Happy New Year, everyone.


2 thoughts on “a fresh new start

  1. Lovely to see your new blog, dahling! I’ve started to gather posts on my anime blog, and I still blog intermittently on – Look forward to reading more!

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