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project 365: week 1








{This was supposed to go up yesterday, but computer-camera problems. C’est la vie.}

1. Sometimes she’s a bad floof, but sometimes she’s a good floof who lays calmly on the couch.

2. My poor single sock collection really needs to be whittled down. Some of these socks have been single since 2014!

3. For Christmas, my nana gave me a 4 cup measuring cup from Pioneer Woman’s collection. It’s so cute!

4. Ah…soft blue Malabrigo worsted yarn that’ll become a hat. I’m thinking this pattern.

5. In my room shuffle, I moved my dresser to right underneath one of my icons. It’s actually one that I was given for free at a flea market. It makes a good backdrop for Mary.

6. Empress of China and yet another hat!! One that I actually finished late last night.

7. I’m trying to keep my library hauls smaller so I have more of a chance to read all the books I pick.

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FO: empress of china hat




As I’ve said before, I’ve been on a hat knitting kick recently. With one just finished, three more on the needles, and several more planned, it’s safe to say I’m addicted to hat knitting. They’re just so versatile! Any weight yarn, any size needle, any pattern, and you’re bound to get a nice hat.

One of my WIPs is a pair of gray and red boot socks. I finished the first one and had a decent amount of yarn leftover. The hat sort of…spontaneously jumped on the needles. I honestly have no idea how it happened. It’s some kind of knitting magic, I tell you.

At first I was simply going to knit with the gray marl, which would’ve made a nice but kind of plain hat. Then I remembered I had a small amount of coral yarn that I had dyed with kool-aid a few years back. It wasn’t enough for a hat on its own, but it certainly made a lovely stripe! I used every single bit of the coral. It looks so much nicer than the gray would’ve alone. The color is truer in the top and bottom pictures.

{Yarn is Patons Worsted, pattern is Ribbed Cap from One Skein Wonders}

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yarn along + knit night








{Knit Night and Yarn Along happen to coincide, so they’ll be talked about together.}

Knit Night is my favorite night of the week. 3 hours of sitting in the LYS, chatting with other knitters, and just relaxing, ah so nice. I’ve been going for about a year and a half now and just simply love it. It’s the most anticipated night of the week.

I happen to be in-between books right now, but I just finished Specter of the Past, by Timothy Zahn. He’s one of my favorite Star Wars authors. I’ve had such a hard time finding this book, too! I nearly leapt out of my skin when I found it at the library.

I also just finished the hat pictured (a small post about that coming soon) and immediately cast on for two more. I’m on such a hat kick recently. They’re so much fun to knit and there are so many different patterns to try. I’m participating in My Sister’s Knitter’s Stash Down KAL and I’m trying to get the stash whittled down as well!