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project 365: week 1








{This was supposed to go up yesterday, but computer-camera problems. C’est la vie.}

1. Sometimes she’s a bad floof, but sometimes she’s a good floof who lays calmly on the couch.

2. My poor single sock collection really needs to be whittled down. Some of these socks have been single since 2014!

3. For Christmas, my nana gave me a 4 cup measuring cup from Pioneer Woman’s collection. It’s so cute!

4. Ah…soft blue Malabrigo worsted yarn that’ll become a hat. I’m thinking this pattern.

5. In my room shuffle, I moved my dresser to right underneath one of my icons. It’s actually one that I was given for free at a flea market. It makes a good backdrop for Mary.

6. Empress of China and yet another hat!! One that I actually finished late last night.

7. I’m trying to keep my library hauls smaller so I have more of a chance to read all the books I pick.


a fresh new start







I’m not one for making resolutions on the New Year. I prefer to have goals or hopes, things I would like to happen but nothing set in stone. I know I won’t keep resolutions if I do make them, so I simply skip a step and don’t even make any.

My goals/hopes for this coming year are pretty simple.

I want to keep my craft supplies more organized.

I want to write more and finish an entire chapter story by the end of the year.

I want to get better at photography and use my camera every single day. I have a good camera, why not use it?

I want to get straight A’s again this semester.

I want to continue to be good at my job.

I want to weed out the books I own but don’t read and either donate them or sell them.

I want to work more from my stash this year, either in knitting or sewing.

Happy New Year, everyone.